Non NHS Services

Private Work Fees

You will be asked to pay for any medical examinations, treatments or services that are for a special purpose. 

These can be arranged through the reception staff, and a fee will be charged as indicated below.  

All Fees must be paid in advance of work/item being provided Charges at 10/06/2019
Simple - (signature, private sick, statement of fact) £19.00
Complex - (holiday cx, insurance sick cert, fit for) £66.00
Exercise (req dates, description, detail) £66.00
Brief private letter £30.00
Form simple - insurance, employment (EMIS generated) £40.00
Additional report completed at the same time as above £30.00
Fostering Medical £73.86
Report supporting sickness/accident benefit £120.00
Report checked by GP e.g. solicitors £140.00
Freedom from infection report £38.00
Insurance employment, other (requiring additional) £115.00
Written report without examination, providing a detail opinion £146.00
Statement on the condition of the patient (e.g. 30 mins) £146.00
Shotgun Licence £35.00
Childminding/OFSTED report £95.00
Adoption medical £120.00
Driving examination - PCV/LGV (taxi) £150.00
Pre-employment medical £120.00
Blood test (fee for taking, lab will bill for testing) £25.00
Prescription (fee for generating) £20.00
Other work  
GP time for lengthy report per hour £270.00
Nurse time for lengthy report per hour £180.00
Overseas visitor consultation £50.00
Overseas visitor by day £60.00
Overseas visitor prescription outside of consultation £20.00
Printing of records held on computer (1st copy (GDPR) Free (chargeable thereafter)@ 50p per page £50.00