Practice Updates

New GP Surgery


Groundwork has begun on the care quarter next to Martin Dalby Way and Paradise Orchard. There will be a new GP surgery (with dental suite) nearest the big roundabout, a care home and a nursery on the site. The GP surgery project has been run by a collaboration between Montpelier Estates and the doctors from Meadowcroft Surgery and Berryfields Medical Centre, with help from the Buckinghamshire CCG and NHS England, and has so far taken about two and a half years through some twists and turns, not least the lockdown.


On 1st April 2021 the two surgeries merged legally and financially, but until we are move into the new building, patients will not notice any difference as they will continue to go to the same site and see the same staff as before. The merger means that we now have 26,000 patients and continue to grow with the new housing in North-West Aylesbury and Berryfields. We will be completely merged with the same systems and services by the time we move in to the new building.


The building will be three storeys, the second floor initially not covering the entire building ‘footprint’, with the agreement to extend the second floor as we grow. In the large open lobby we are planning to provide help for the community member to find out about and plan the care that they need as easily and efficiently as possible, with trained reception staff and public IT (this is called “care navigation”). This, and some rooms behind the reception area could also be used by community groups who have interests in health promotion. Moving further into the building there will be three clinical room clusters each with mini waiting areas which will enable staff to work in multidisciplinary teams; it may be that people are registered with one of these clusters and their staff for mutual familiarity. There will be a larger nursing / procedure area on the first floor. On the first floor there will be a dental suite and another area for group consultations. The top floor will be mainly for staff and other local NHS groups, and will have a large meeting room.


Look out for pictures and diagrams on the surgery websites over coming months.


We hope that many people will walk or cycle to the surgery if they are able, in order to reduce traffic and improve health. The Aylesbury Garden Town project which is right opposite the surgery  looks like it could greatly improve off-road access from Quarrendon and Buckingham Park; please consider feeding back to the council about the importance of off road access while the Garden Town consultation is still open . We have been liaising with the council and bus companies. There will be a large car park in front of the surgery.


We are not quite at the stage of knowing the details of how systems within the new building will function, but we know that the building will enable us to deliver a more modern high quality primary care health service, working more closely with community groups and catering for all ages and disabilities, which is more able to adjust to changing needs over time. We are determined to preserve the important qualities of a friendly, accessible community ethos.


The most-asked question is “When will it be finished?”. I’ve learnt to try and curb my optimism and enthusiasm whenever I’m asked this, so I’m saying “hopefully before the end of 2022”.