Long Term Conditions

How we help support your Long Term Condition

COVID 19.  At present due to Covid-19 and for your safety, we are not currently doing face to face consultations for Long Term Conditions.  If you are due your annual care planning review please do not worry we will start to contact you to arrange a telephone appointment when we move to the next Phase of the COVID 19 epedemic.  We have however provided links to useful information to help you manage your condition on each of the main long term conditions if you click on the icons below.

Managing your condition.  Over the past few years we have introduced a new way of helping you to look after your long term condition – Care Planning.  We will create a Care Plan with you.  Depending on what your longterm condition is, will determine the route of the care planning appointment.

An invitation text/letter will be sent to you within your birthday quarter.  Depending on your longterm condition you may be asked to complete a questionnaire or invited in for a face to face appointment with either one of our Nurses or Health Care Assistants.  This is an annual review, however after being seen/spoken to, you may be asked to attend a further appointment within a year.

The aim of the Care Planning is to help you manage YOUR condition YOUR way.  Together we want to help you to manage your condition as much as possible to minimise the amount of times you need to see a clinician and to allow you to live your life as independantly as possible.  However if you feel your condition is worsening please contact us and we will be able to help.